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Appetizer Menus

We provide a large selection of before dinner appetizers and hors d'oeuvres to complement any meal. We invite you to create your own custom package to what would work best with your guests. The recommended variety and volume is determined by the number of guests and serving time.

We can also offer you some cocktail reception menus.

Passed to Guests

     Includes: China side plate with cocktail napkin

Mini Tacos: Smoked chicken chipotle tossed in a homemade black bean salsa served with corn chips (hot)

Stuffed Mushroom Caps: Local mushrooms filled with our Chef’s homemade recipe (hot)

5 cheese delights: golden pastries stuffed with cheese fillings

AJ’s Bruschetta: Oven roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and goat cheese (cold)

Cucumber Veggie Wraps: strips of cucumber around veggies, dressed with homemade vinaigrette (cold)

Sliders: beef patties served on a mini slider buns with ketchup/mustard/cheese (hot)

Shrimp: Jumbo shrimp, tail on, with seafood sauce (cold)

Smoked Salmon: Cured and smoked salmon with cream cheese, onions and capers served on a crostini (cold)

Chicken skewers served with a homemade honey mustard sauce (hot)

Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce (hot)

Bacon wrapped scallops (hot)

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts (hot)

Pulled pork pigs in a blanket served with homemade BBQ sauce (hot)

Spanakopita fluffy pastries stuffed with spinach and feta cheese (hot)

Meatballs in a sweet n sour sauce (hot)


Domestic Cheese (cold)

Vegetable Platter with a homemade dip (cold)

Fruit Platter with a homemade almond cream dip (cold)

Hummus, Tabouleh and Tzatziki served with pita breads (cold)

Spinach dip in a pumpernickel loaf (cold)
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